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FNF Jam: couldn't do it, too!

Posted by UnevenPrankster - June 18th, 2021

I did not make it in the FNF Jam.


The sheer tragedy. The poor disbelief I feel at this very moment. I am shocked, stunned, enraged, engaged, disengaged, and maybe even embarassed. Perhaps, maybe.

What I'd have given for one more day of work, a little more time, a better artstyle, creating music that didn't SUCK, or even, maybe, commission a VA instead of literally voicing almost all the characters? (thx nerdo best friend forever for the background ones xoxo)

Oh wait I don't have money for that uhhhh

With the gag out of the way, I do feel a tad sad that in the end, working on the animation for days and days and producing as much of it by myself as possible (models, 90% of VA, editing, all tracks except for one I used from kawaisprite, and misc. renders) was almost all for nothing. It's like if you made a boat by yourself for a month, and when you went to sail, you realized everyone else already had huge ships.

But when I went into this project I already knew this would be the case. It always is, there was only a few places in that podium and I could already tell who was going where. But in spite of feeling like the world was just gonna put me back in my place as usual, I went and finished that damn thing. And I loved it.

It was the first time I ever made a very detailed environment. I only reused those sick speakers I made for FRIDAY NIGHT FLUNKING, everything else was done there and then. Lemme show ya.





"won't lie, that definetly me when I'M tire"

I had to create extra .blends based on this main one for every new scene but the workflow stayed the same. I also do not know how to do IK so... Yeah I had to animate everything by hand. Maybe soon I'll get to learning that.

I could go on and on about all the tiny little things I did, but I'd probably have an essay's worth at that point (THE RISE AND FALL OF UNEVEN PRANKSTER, 2:30h, coming to youtube this summer) and what I wanna get at is that regardless of how useless it had seemed, it was all still me giving it all I could, and learning plenty too.

When I watched one of ninjamuffin's streams time later and saw my submission being watched, that felt very DAMN cool like when ninja just straight up showed FRIDAY NIGHT FLUNKING on stream (I still owe you one) but I was more focused on the comments during that part in particular. I was happy to see it be called weird, my voice for Pico russian/spanish sounding (I should exploit that someday hehe) and it being compared to Killer Bean. Please. Don't. Compare. Me. To. A. MASTERPIECE.

These are the kinds of comments I love seeing. Honestly BF and The Comekrons was kind of a test of how much I could get away with original concepts and characters being thrown around but still featuring mainly BF and Pico. I would not blame you for being weirded out by seeing all these characters you have no idea where they came from, or those stupid tiny toys named Comekrons (made specifically for the animation), the only familiar appearance was a quick one of ENA and Moony from Joel Guerra's work which viewers just as quickly caught, and was there because I could not resist it.

To tell you something, I still don't understand why people like some of my art. It's not great, there is at least a thousand more people you could have followed who create better beautiful ones than I could ever think of managing to do in my lifetime. And yet you follow me, leave votes, fun comments, and encouragement.

And those things are what keep me wanting to create more, lemme tell ya.



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"I still don't understand why people like some of my art. It's not great, there is at least a thousand more people you could have followed who create better beautiful ones than I could ever think of managing to do in my lifetime." Well, that's exactly why I like it. I see perfection in imperfection when it comes to art. I've seen so many sparkly and perfect drawings of femboy furries on twitter that it's lost all its luster. It's refreshing to see something scrappy, with imperfections, but still with a distinctive style and flair. That's what art is all about, and I hope people on the internet come to their fucking senses and realize that.

i don't care if you're artstyle isn't the best, or worse, or whatevs you are cool

seeing you get better as days go on is the real journey bro

You may lack the pristine and polish of more experienced artists, but that comes with guess what? EXPERIENCE! Every project and goal is you building up this huge foundation of creativity and adding to your pool of knowledge and skillsets. You are an extremely creative person and always playing and experimenting with multiple mediums and styles across different programs and tools, which is really important. As you do more projects you'll see your style become more refined, your projects becomes easier, you become more aware of your limits, and how to push them to achieve your goals. You are constantly getting better at taking your internal visions of your artwork and ideas and making them into external visions for everyone to see, each work clearer than the last. As you learn more about color theory, lighting, modeling, movement, and well... yourself, your art will reflect where you're at on that journey.

I follow your progress and see that you have a unique artistic view, and view of the world. You look at other peoples art and think you couldn't do that in your lifetime? Well, I look at your art and skills and see that you just need to discover a bit more about who are you are as a person.
Once you do that, you'll realize you ALREADY have the skills and creativity to make great things, once you realize you don't have to follow someone else's template, you'll start to shine even brighter.

I say keep on doing what you're doing, the fact that you even bother to create something and are willing to post it online for other to comment on, makes you more brave than most people. You really are progressing and getting better. A quick look at your old posts versus your newer ones should show that. And if your art isn't where you want it yet, that's maybe only because you haven't quite found your exact style yet, keep looking, keep posting, keep creating, and we'll keep you company along the way.

Thank you very much. I need time to reflect.