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UnevenPrankster's News

Posted by UnevenPrankster - July 2nd, 2021

Update Notes can be found on itch.io.

This NG release additionally removes quitting by ESC from the game. Because it doesn't work the same way on web silly!


Posted by UnevenPrankster - June 28th, 2021

Last Year:


A few arts, ok alright, some standouts

Just this year:


Ramp up to more and more crazy art, MORE and BETTER pixel art, MORE models, FEATURED, about to be DOUBLE the last year's subs

I was thinking of making a post in my blog but this speaks for itself. Don't even get me started on the games I made...


Posted by UnevenPrankster - June 18th, 2021

I did not make it in the FNF Jam.


The sheer tragedy. The poor disbelief I feel at this very moment. I am shocked, stunned, enraged, engaged, disengaged, and maybe even embarassed. Perhaps, maybe.

What I'd have given for one more day of work, a little more time, a better artstyle, creating music that didn't SUCK, or even, maybe, commission a VA instead of literally voicing almost all the characters? (thx nerdo best friend forever for the background ones xoxo)

Oh wait I don't have money for that uhhhh

With the gag out of the way, I do feel a tad sad that in the end, working on the animation for days and days and producing as much of it by myself as possible (models, 90% of VA, editing, all tracks except for one I used from kawaisprite, and misc. renders) was almost all for nothing. It's like if you made a boat by yourself for a month, and when you went to sail, you realized everyone else already had huge ships.

But when I went into this project I already knew this would be the case. It always is, there was only a few places in that podium and I could already tell who was going where. But in spite of feeling like the world was just gonna put me back in my place as usual, I went and finished that damn thing. And I loved it.

It was the first time I ever made a very detailed environment. I only reused those sick speakers I made for FRIDAY NIGHT FLUNKING, everything else was done there and then. Lemme show ya.





"won't lie, that definetly me when I'M tire"

I had to create extra .blends based on this main one for every new scene but the workflow stayed the same. I also do not know how to do IK so... Yeah I had to animate everything by hand. Maybe soon I'll get to learning that.

I could go on and on about all the tiny little things I did, but I'd probably have an essay's worth at that point (THE RISE AND FALL OF UNEVEN PRANKSTER, 2:30h, coming to youtube this summer) and what I wanna get at is that regardless of how useless it had seemed, it was all still me giving it all I could, and learning plenty too.

When I watched one of ninjamuffin's streams time later and saw my submission being watched, that felt very DAMN cool like when ninja just straight up showed FRIDAY NIGHT FLUNKING on stream (I still owe you one) but I was more focused on the comments during that part in particular. I was happy to see it be called weird, my voice for Pico russian/spanish sounding (I should exploit that someday hehe) and it being compared to Killer Bean. Please. Don't. Compare. Me. To. A. MASTERPIECE.

These are the kinds of comments I love seeing. Honestly BF and The Comekrons was kind of a test of how much I could get away with original concepts and characters being thrown around but still featuring mainly BF and Pico. I would not blame you for being weirded out by seeing all these characters you have no idea where they came from, or those stupid tiny toys named Comekrons (made specifically for the animation), the only familiar appearance was a quick one of ENA and Moony from Joel Guerra's work which viewers just as quickly caught, and was there because I could not resist it.

To tell you something, I still don't understand why people like some of my art. It's not great, there is at least a thousand more people you could have followed who create better beautiful ones than I could ever think of managing to do in my lifetime. And yet you follow me, leave votes, fun comments, and encouragement.

And those things are what keep me wanting to create more, lemme tell ya.



Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 26th, 2021

Happy Pico Day was too lame... Sorry yo.


But I'm telling you, next year it's another Pico game. Another one where you punch Pico a lot maybe.. Or maybe shoot him? So many ideas! Plenty time to think of ways to torture school shooty boy.


Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 21st, 2021

Good friday! It ain't a night just yet, so we can't funk. But I'm sure you're fine with a little foolin'.

To remind you, this is a sequel to my game Ratatan X, where you play as a weird looking robot girl that crashes into planets for fun. In this next one they finally had enough of it.


Sure enough that's the thumbnail for the super-secret NG project I got setup. Don't tell anyon- wait

Currently, development is happening in Godot Engine. It's a favorite of mine while my plan of world domination doesn't reach the step where I make my own engine. The classic Ratatan gameplay is implemented, all with graphics far more advanced than what I pulled off on PICO-8. Now space waves harder than ever!

That's not all! Watch what happens when you actually crash into planets!

The direction you send the planet to is based on where you hit them. A fun little thing to program :D

But that's STILL not all. Peep the main menu/level select screen of Ratatan EX!

You may be thinking "oh boy, he's gonna STILL not be done with additions..." but thankfully I am. Only other small thing I wanted to mention is I compiled a build of Godot Engine with a few things I didn't need out and FLAC playback added which will be used for this and other games. Gotta take advantage of it all being open source! 8)


ah hey, it says it right there!

If you're wondering, yes, it's coming to here. I went out of my way to get a build of Emscripten that worked just to compile a HTML5 export template for my build. (it's like a generic engine program that can be given info on running the actual game.)


It's the Javascript one. I also compiled templates for Windows & Linux, which were easier to deal with.

There's always time for fun, and it'll soon be Friday Night. Make sure to Funk...



Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 5th, 2021

Yep. The best "schmup without shooting" robot girl game on the scene, getting a sequel! Insane, right?

Catch a peep of how it's looking like too:

Ratatan also looks much prettier (and bigger). She can't help but score what the kids call a "dub" in-between games.


What's the lore? Not much that hasn't been already been explained on a random comment on a review. Ratatan crashes into tiny planets as her out-there source of comedy and they're growing tired of this. Now she gotta avoid meteors, lasers, and beatings from bigger planets. Truly, we presence war. And war, war never changeeees....

The current target for the weekend is reimplementing Ratatan X on raylib, an open source game programming library for C (and hundreds of bindings for your fav langs) that makes C gamedev fun. I'll release its source code alongside builds and will also look into getting it here through WebAssembly compiling.

As wacky as the idea of a remake of a remake is, this will be considered a "preview" version of Ratatan EX that I'll update with the full thing once that's done. It'll still have that "preview" version as a mode, but let me know if you'd just like it standalone from it here on Newgrounds. Have a good one!


Posted by UnevenPrankster - March 15th, 2021

BF and The Comekrons is my greatest and longest animation yet. At 3:38 minutes, it's all a lot of stuff I genuinely had fun creating. Could it win an award? I don't know, I feel my work pales in comparison to anything more talented people make. But it's work I'm happy to know some enjoy. And now I'll share you some interesting info about the making of it.

Originally, a Sequel?

Initial drafts of the animation were meant to continue from a structure similar to FRIDAY NIGHT FLUNKING including more characters like Mom and Pico. The story would be Pico and BF putting aside their differences to beat GF's parents in a battle for basically calling them zoomers. However I decided to abandon this after realizing it felt VERY unoriginal. Having watched Scott Pilgrim recently did not help. Here's what the title art was for it though!


It was a little funny to know that an artist I recently discovered here and enjoy DID make a submission with that name. There's either some spooky brain power sharing going on or we both suck at coming up with titles.

Conquering the Audio Domain...!

Past animations of mine frequently relied on Public Domain/Creative Commons licensed music for background tunes, however this animation had a whopping 4 ORIGINAL TUNES created by myself utilizing MilkyTracker, my go to music makin' old-skool thingamajig. 1 of these was a whole music made from taking a remix of the Comekrons' theme too far and it's my best work to date. The only music I did not make was obviously kawaisprite's Pico, who I gave a small share to within music credits. I don't know fully what that does but I hope it's beneficial to them.


The instruments come from kiarchive, a popular pack for use in trackers. From what I know, it was used in the Petscop OST! Hooray to Trackers.

Pico == Dave Strider?!?! (DON'T CALL AT 3AM!)

"How can this be?! Pico is older than Homestuck!" you exclaim, and well, the gist is that many coincidences happened.

  1. My voice for Pico was the same one I used to voice Dave in past HS reading streams.
  2. Pico's Comekron, Dany, is red and posesses glasses. (alongside the unique machine gun stamp that looks at first glance like the scratched record iconography)
  3. Pico's face's shape keys possess 'HEE HAA HOO'-like names.

Could be my subconscious, could be fate, whatever it is, for some reason this shooty kid became a subtle reference to the sword-wielding brother-issue-having troll-kissing time-mastering cool dude.


A look into the render for the thumbnail. There's the boys!


The final result was done with paint.net. Cooler than photoshop I'd say... I utilized a few plugins and native features to make it rock.

Where's GF?

I decided not to include GF due to it being too difficult to juggle 3 concurrent characters in an animation I couldn't even tell how long would go for. However, I did put her in... A cardboard cutout, I mean.iu_258004_7149040.jpg

She also went with her dad to get cigarettes.


The dithering was done with a plugin in paint.net. It's meant to look like a character cutout from TF2.

ENA and Moony's cameo :0

I had previously created a model of ENA a while ago which I posted renders of...

Though Moony's pixel art was a creation first seen as an easter egg in FRIDAY NIGHT SLEEPOVER!


A fairly nice one for my skills back then at that. However since then, I've sharpened my blade, and raised the steaks. I gave her an anti-aliasing pass, different palette and a funny little skater hat.


"UGH. Can you believe they can just break tables without a permit?!"

Original Originalities

Outside of the ones obviously NOT mine, all other characters featured in the animation are! In no particular order:

  • Jim Jimson from Jim's Challenge
  • Beeb Calhein from Legend of Beeb
  • Isaria Ocula from Legend of Beeb 2 (coming some day!)
  • The Puncher from Incredible Punch (WIP! Devlog at TIGForums)
  • Ratatan from Ratatan/Ratatan X
  • The Minister from Ministry of Sight (coming some day!)
  • Barley from Legend of Beeb 2 (yep, soooome day!)
  • Signdude is my author self-insert...


Everyone is here!

Closing Note

I must thank you all for the support you give me in any way as usual. Be it by sharing my work, playing my games, giving it reviews, noting funny things, or even giving me money, you keep giving me more will to go above and beyond what I already could achieve. I hope you've enjoyed this look into this animation I loved doing. Have a good time!


Posted by UnevenPrankster - February 24th, 2021

I may have spent a bit too much time on improving my recent art High Order.

There is now a scene the knight is on. Lighting is a lot more physical now, there are apparent windows in here, but they are either out of sight or hidden by the knight. This saves me time and makes it interesting, for me at least.


Regardless, I'm happy to have already done a lot here I never did in much pixel art before. I had discovered about fading shadows with color some time ago when I was doing Sunny Goo, had an idea to place a radial gradient on the shadow I had made and noticed it looked very neat. (it mainly stayed to invoke light caustics from the slimy shiny surface.)

This combined with me recently learning about applying basic anti-aliasing have risen the quality of my work as I see it. I hope you enjoy this and future pieces, and keep sending me suggestions too. Have a great day.


Posted by UnevenPrankster - February 18th, 2021

I've had an epiphany recently on the question I've been unable to solve for as long as I've begun making games after I had finished Jim's Challenge.

If you don't know, and probably 99.999% of you don't, my first ever created game was Jim's Challenge, a sokoban shamelessly ripping off Chip's Challenge that had at least 8 or so levels, a built-in level editor (used to make the levels) and a lack of important things like options, sound, music, etc. You can play it here but it's not that important to the problem I am discussing in this post.

The issue is that after Jim's Challenge I begun searching to make huge titles. You may have seen this before... A big RPG, lovable characters, set in a world not too different from ours, yadda yadda, the creator probably played Undertale and couldn't help imitate it. That was me a good time ago. But even worse, this extended to all sorts of ideas I tried making games out of. Platformers, 3d action adventures, first person shooters, a freaking doom parody.

I had a few emotional breakdowns along the way. I don't consider myself a very sane person, I do things like imitating with my mouth non-existant soundtracks in the shower, pretend i'm streaming (unless I am streaming) when i'm bored, that kind of thing. And this was how I responded to coming onto the conclusion these were wastes of times, I beat myself up tremendously only to come to the same situation again.

Unfortunately this continued happening even when I knew the scope of the project was small. Even when I did something like remaking Jim's Challenge, I came onto these walls I could never manage to climb. I never understood why, even after I had learned so much. Why, even with being limited, I can't finish even a little pong game? Am I unfit for this? Should I never have seeked doing game development in the first place?

Come this year, something changed. For the first time ever, I had managed to make 2 games in barely days succession. How?! In spite of all that trouble I had over the years, how did I just simply make some games, release them, without going through the horrors of before? I learned about execution.

It is easy to say "I want to make a RPG" but it is hard to make one, this is pretty understood knowledge. The issue is, even if you know how hard it is to make one, and possess skills to do it, you can never hope to do so when you focus on what matters the least to progressing it. This is called the Law of triviality.

What I never learned to do until now was to put focus on what allows me to build more of the game, instead of, say, spending 4 hours on planning out how this one specific mechanic of the game can work. Those 4 hours could've been spent programming that mechanic playing out, maybe even with more depth than the thinking could've imagined doing since you were actually going at it.

This is why I dread going on thinking tangents about what to do next nowadays. I think about minor details of little worth a lot and waste time using that thinking that could've gone to power the actual practice. Reducing scope will not help if the execution doesn't earn enough worth.

Thus this is how I managed to have created Ratatan (and the better definitive version) within such short time. I dedicated the time towards the game for execution, and the limitation became the proper frame where I built things I wanted it to be. Weird building analogies aside, I understand how some of you already know to this. You can also say "well planning things is important" and that's fine too, it's what I had actually done when developing the latest update for Ratatan X.

What makes me different from the past me however is that I went ahead and did it, focusing on getting the important things done and freeing up time and power to do things I didn't think of too. Doing small projects is gold, but it's merely a fool's without understanding what helps you do it.


Posted by UnevenPrankster - January 1st, 2021

"A logo theme? Now I've seen everything!"

Development of the now titled semi-spooky and cool psx platformer Ministry of Sight (with a page on itch.io!) continues with a few things that increase more and more the quality of the game and its first stage.

For starters, yep, a logo! It's a rendition of my normal one in 3D I had for quite a long while. Now it's put to good use here. The theme may still get a few changes between here and release so just imagine a little piano thing.


For seconds, yep, much more quality. There's a sky, models fade out (with some very cool dithering) when far enough, and more textures! Much more. Have a peek!





The stage is kinda halfway done. In the last screenshot, the area will have a little button puzzle. The pillars you walked across will contain the correct order to press the buttons so you can open a gate to more platforming. This should be a nice exercise for me and I could in the future have more spicy puzzles. Maybe cinnamon?

I also improved the camera to be smoother and thus nicer thanks to Indiedev Tim Krief. They helped me implement one utilizing Godot's tween features, and the camera is also now decoupled from the player, which allows easier cutscene implementation in the future. Here's a twitter video from a few days ago that shows the action rather than I weirdly describe it to you. (it also has the current theme tune, so no more imagination!)

The current game also sorta runs on HTML5! It's not crazy and neither works as well as desktop but it gives me more hope for my idea of releasing it in here. An animated loading icon would certainly make it more polished!


I'm quite happy, honestly! I will provide myself a few more times to take a break here and there so I don't burn myself out on the project and can gather more ideas. I've been playing games like The Henry Stickmin Collection and Moon RPG Remix Adventure. Check them out if you're interested. Have a great time!