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UnevenPrankster's News

Posted by UnevenPrankster - March 4th, 2024

Crazy to think I would make so many back when I made this account in 2018, even as I started actively using it some time later.

Oh yeah, the 500th piece is a sketch of Femme from SkyGunner because of course it is. My beloved obscure PS2 green-haired girlboss

I have been doing more drawing than modeling as of late to really hone my skills on the 2D side of things, it's helped increase the quality of my models anyways by building more of that internal art knowledge + better texturing and all. I hope to do more of them soon, but as it stands, I'm happy to say 2D isn't one of my weakest skills anymore.

The desire to improve and find new ways to do things is a very powerful one. But also I think you should seek out doing the things you really want to do if you wish to push on the furthest. How can you grow without a goal? Even the simplest one makes a difference.


Posted by UnevenPrankster - July 9th, 2023

This week will be the last before I get a 2-week break from school. In that period I'll be doing plenty work on the engine powering this RPG as well as art and oooother things.

Wanted to share some info about it.

Gunner Engine

A (very) tiny game engine for having and making fun

I've spent the past few months pouring research and work into this. It's mainly based on the Raylib framework and focuses on making it easy to just create. I've faced many issues over the past 2 or so years with Godot Engine I am tackling with this.

Engines shouldn't be so large, they shouldn't be monolithic. They've made it easier to make games, which is good, but they've also frustrated us. Many times we have to work against what the developer thought was right for them, but isn't right for the user. The creators often don't battle test it themselves and become unaware of these limitations brought up by users, and I am one of them.

I've tried to take advantage of the open source nature of Godot to try to do something about this predicament, but such a large and often cumbersome to initially understand C++ codebase only invited more frustration. My PRs were also largely ignored for being considered frivolous or because developers were more willing to keep their software bug-compatible. I couldn't stand it longer and decided to focus full time on this important piece of the puzzle that is Conflict deFuse.

Inspired by the philosophy behind Raylib, understanding the internals of Gunner Engine doesn't take long, as it's a straightforward C99 codebase concerned with only providing the kinds of things I wanted. It doesn't have an editor, and some tools are still under development, but akin to how Godot's editor is made with Godot, so will be Gunner's. Even better, you'll be able to edit that very editor at runtime.

How? I decided to go all in on hot reloading all the things (where applicable, of course.) such as textures, shaders, and most important of all, C code.

Godot wasn't built with hot-reloading in mind and trying to edit your game's code at runtime may prove dangerous in certain instances. Reloading assets is also hardly instantaneous in the editor and hardly even works at runtime. The engine's philosophy is like an assembly line, things sure move fast but it's all strict and cumbersome to swap things out for unless they're meant for it. My engine's philosophy is like putting together a toy. You keep working on it until it does what it should.

By utilizing Tiny C Compiler as a library, code is compiled before startup and then run. Best of all, true to its name, it's a very quick process and never has to be done again unless code was changed, it simply grabs what it compiled last time after every startup. If you change a file, it simply compiles that one file and links everything back again to keep on running. Any errors or warnings are reported to you to prevent compiling broken code. It should just work instead of being some kind of afterthought.

What about assets? Often with C code you are expected to play around with pointers, this obviously invites many dangerous procedures when it comes to the makeup of your game. However, the engine was built with passing handles instead of pointers, letting it take care of the dirty work and letting you simply keep track of indices to those assets in your game code. Not only is it easier to catch any issues (you'll know where and what!), it runs faster as everything is packed together in memory, easy for the computer to access again and again. Letting the engine keep track of assets also means offloading the job of hot-reloading entirely to it, making any asset a breeze to continuously iterate upon.

There is still plenty to figure out and build but the hardest step has been taken: committing to not only creating a new game engine, but a game that necessitates it at the same time. Developing a engine without a game is a fool's errand.

Conflict deFuse is not a big game. The demo is 2 floors with many odd sights and faces to meet, as well as enemy designs inspired by books and urban legends. The final game is around 4 with even more to find. It could've been built with Godot and I did wish to build it with Godot, as that's the engine I've used for many recent titles such as the ENA: Decimation Journey demo. However, as you saw, my frustration reached a breaking point and now I put in the extra work to make it fun to work on this game.

The game's own commitment to its artstyle is also part of this necessity for something custom-built. Godot's rendering systems appear quite full of features to anyone who's seen their fair share of Unreal Engine 4 titles, but don't mistake it for flexibility; it has anything but. Shaders use a flavor of GLSL with preset entry points for each of the usual steps of building a triangle, plus a cumbersome light function that doesn't even play nicely with some of the render settings you can add onto the shader. Custom blending isn't even implemented and there aren't many modes to work with. My PRs were meant to tackle only small oddities within shaders but alas, all left to build dust in their GitHub repository.

Gunner Engine speaks to everyone like me because this problem I faced is a non-issue with it. The engine is quick to build (I plan for it to be really quick eventually!), and exposes full GLSL. Of course it doesn't have all the conveniences Godot has, but if you're using Gunner you're not here for them. You're here to setup a specific blending mode from the Playstation 1 so your fade to black looks sicker.

It's a combination I wished to see and decided to make real: something that handles what you don't want to and lets you handle what you want to. There are not many like it, maybe Renderware or even whatever utterly sick thing they use at Tomorrow Corporation. A game is like a toy, and I pity the state we find ourselves in where making a toy has to be so cumbersome. With all the things we have today now though, it doesn't have to be this way! The engine should be what you want it to be, tools that do more than the sum of their parts.

Gunner Engine's source code will be available alongside Conflict deFuse once it releases, and you'll be able to look, prod and happily make something of your own with them. I've decided to forgo the usual kind of open source licensing for everything that isn't assets (which will use CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and just use GNU All-permissive instead. Take it and do something with it! Everyone should be able to create.

I'll share soon more peeks and thoughts about development. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful new week, and a great day.


Posted by UnevenPrankster - July 2nd, 2023


My neocities website now has a simpler look, no custom font silliness, container madness, it just works, be it on your computer or phone. The RSS feed now also works more properly, and you can subscribe to it to get updated about new blog posts, of which I'll hopefully make some soon.

I am looking for suggestions for what to maybe talk about or add. I've been thinking about putting the latest artwork under the "works" link (currently a 404) and maybe alongside a bonus RSS feed just for those alone.



Posted by UnevenPrankster - July 1st, 2023



I thought it would maybe be over a while back, but now the Musket finally did it with a one-two punch of locking viewing tweets to only those signed-in, and now making it worse for those who are signed-in by rate limiting tweets. (as if you'd not hit 600 tweets per day easily...)

My twitter account is effective yesterday abandoned, contains links to other places I'm on, and you may go to them from my own Newgrounds page in case you want the maximum uneven experience or something.

Maybe the end of social media is here, and I'm all for it. Let's have more websites like Newgrounds again, maybe even forums! Uh.. IRC! (they are working on that v3, right?) Uh..... ICQ? I don't know.

Conflict deFuse Development

It's happening!! @FalcoTz will be now doing music for the game, alongside @factzmachine who has already done some work too. I'll share more in due time, alongside peeks at the engine powering the game, which will soon support things not seen in any of the big players like hot reloading C code! Yes, C.

Art Updates

I might release quite more 3D renders than the past few months, specially since I'm getting a 2-week break from the suffering of school this 14th. One of them is a very curious commission! What could it be??? A little hint... drones.

I will be sharing sketches on places like Mastodon and post the digital stuff here as usual.

Neocities Website Update

I'll finally work on it soon! I might simplify the visual stuff to make it load quicker but still look like 99% better than most of the javascript slop your eyes are defiled with on a daily basis. 100% javascript free, notepad++-fed and free-software goodness.

That's all I had in mind for now. Have a great new month, and let the twilight of social media usher in a dawn of a better web!


Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 9th, 2023

Stay tuned, gonna draw an obscure メイド...


Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 8th, 2023

If you don't know, Movie/Game submissions update a RSS feed associated with your account. It's that little "broadcast" symbol on their pods!


You can grab the link from it to use in all sorts of readers, like extension-based ones in your web browser or phone programs. The idea is the reader can periodically check these to deliver you the latest news without having to be worried about if you're missing out on something.

Podcasts famously still use these, and RSS in general is seeing a resurgence in interest following growing discontentment with social media and yearning for healthier ways of interacting with the World Wide Web.


Feedbro extension running on Librewolf, showing a feed from artist David Revoy's website.

The issue I've had however is that Newgrounds doesn't create a feed for art, and I had to rely on RSS Bridge to make some for a few artists. (RSS Bridge can also make feeds for all other sorts of sites.) If one were to be officially implemented, it could probably point to "http://rss.ngfiles.com/users/7149000/unevenprankster/art/", slap the RSS icon on the art pod and make me a happy man.



Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 8th, 2023

How can they ever compete with mathisfun.com, Khan Academy and a AI armed with searching online? Give me your thoughts.

Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 8th, 2023

My ever popular mascot's 1yo birthday fast approaches!


Technically her actual birthday is December 3rd, making her already 1yo+ old but her design hadn't been settled yet, she was cooking up in the oven and all. (do not actually cook her i will destroy you.)

Posted by UnevenPrankster - May 1st, 2023

Nice. Here's to 200 and more!

Here's a peek at my current progress on that render. I got swarmed by exams so I was too tired to work.



Posted by UnevenPrankster - April 21st, 2023


I watched it recently. Happy to model.

If you know what the pose+tagline is referencing, you get a GEP gun.