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GORGEOUS. I guess the only thing missing was synthesized voices for random things (like the "start" animation) and noises for the dialogue but other than that it's total y2k aesthetic from start to end, PS1 segment was amazing too, reminded me a bit of the stage views from Ridge Racer Type 4.

corollacore responds:

Dude!! Omfgg I didn’t even think of the voices, you’re so right!! Completely slipped my mind. And Ridge Racer Type 4 is easily one of my biggest influences, so I am glad that inspiration shined through!

A beatiful luv video...

Quite a pleasing aesthetic! Lovely. Good VA too. That's a follow right there!

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The game gets real frantic having to direct units everywhere, get upgrades, take over farmland and put up a fight with the CPU all in small intervals! It's also full of lovely dithering and charm you'd see in a PICO-8 title. I recommend checking this out!

All it took was sharing simple interests!

The game is pretty fun and good looking but it feels like there's not enough input from the players on the actual battles which I know is intentional but yer know.
Also I theorize Boise was put in as a sick joke by the folks to make me go nuts. Can't get through it as the timing between quads is EXTREMELY tight. Even when I find a rhythm I suddenly just lose it for no reason. Aside from that it's all good.

TomFulp responds:

I get tempting to let the player shoot individual enemy units and not just special enemies but I worry about it throwing off the balance too much... Plus if they flash when you hit them it will slow down even more for slower computers.

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No answers and too many questions
R1) I know sunset nice. TF2 rules. Madness too
R2) Nice!
R3) :D, horror can be neat. Rest your hands pls. Teeth is nice nice.

I like the scream at the end

Did not expect the beeps and loved them.

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Luv Darnell's LOLFACE bomb

Ooh, nice. I have to say though, while the AA is also good it comes off as too unnoticeable in most places like the grunt's clothes. The fold between the 2 boots is also weirdly not AA-ed which clashes a bit with the rest of the look. Otherwise, neat.

another7887 responds:

thank you for your review! i also agree that it looked kinda weird, i used way too many colors on everything else so i didn't want to extent that even more by adding AA on the shoes.
it also doesn't help that i am really bad when working in grayscale AND that i worked on the piece way too much time zooming in (this might have something to do with the way my sceen shows color, it might be different than yours.)
but still, thank you very much for this review, i will try to be more consistent and improve with my pieces on the future <333

Bacun be like

Making awful games, awful art, awful animations and awful music cause it's pretty nice.

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